Bottle of Tums® Ultra Strength Assorted Berries

TUMS Ultra Strength Assorted Berries 72ct bottle

When it’s time to call in the big guns (and you love berries), this is the TUMS for you.

Product Info

  • Uses & warnings


    • Fast heartburn relief
    • Sour stomach
    • Acid indigestion caused by excess stomach acidity.


    Do not use:

    • if allergic to any of the ingredients
    • more than the recommended dose
    • for longer than 2 weeks, unless advised by a doctor
    • within 2 hours of another medicine, because the effectiveness of the medicine may be altered by calcium

    Talk to your doctor if you are taking other medicine or symptoms persist beyond 2 weeks or recur.

    Keep out of reach of children.

    Store between 15°C – 30°C

  • Directions


    Adults and pregnant women: chew 1 – 2 tablets as needed.

    Maximum daily dose

    Adults: 8 tablets.
    Pregnant women: 3 tablets.

  • Ingredients

    Medicinal ingredient (in each chewable tablet)

    1,000 mg Calcium carbonate/tablet

    Non-medicinal ingredients (alpha):

    adipic acid, artificial flavours, corn starch, FD&C blue #1 Al. lake, FD&C red #40 Al. lake, mineral oil, sodium hexametaphosphate, sucrose, talc.

  • Other flavours

    TUMS Ultra Strength Peppermint

    TUMS Ultra Strength Assorted Fruit

  • Sizes